Laser Removal

Quanta Q-Plus Technology

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose how you want to cover-up that old tattoo. Whether you need to remove it because of poor quality work, an employment opportunity, or you’ve simply outgrown it, the Quanta Q-Plus gives you options.

Founded in Milan, Italy, internationally renowned Quanta, has earned a reputation for building state-of-the-art laser systems for use in over 130 countries across the globe. Every Quanta laser, whether We headed to Mars or a medical clinic, is tested for thousands of hours to ensure safety, efficacy and overall patient satisfaction.

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How it Works

The Quanta Q-Plus C Is the only FDA approved laser on the market that offers three true wavelengths to remove red/orange (532), blue/green (694), and blacks (1064). Therefore, it is the only laser that can successfully remove a full spectrum of color – period.

The PlcoSure laser only offers one wavelength (755). The 755 wavelength was one of the first wavelengths used In tattoo removal and has two main pitfalls – 1) It does not target specific Ink colors, and 2) It passes right by red Ink and can stop short of deep black colors. The PlcoSure does have positive results in fading or removing tattoos, but its wavelength inhibits it from hitting exactly where It should In the skin to have Ideal responses for complete removal.

A recent study by the Journal of Laser and Health Academy states:

The published literature and our preliminary results seem to indicate that current “picosecond” lasers are not expected to have significantly better tattoo clearance effect in comparison with the “gold standard” Q-switched nanosecond tattoo lasers. It is our opinion that top-of-the-line Q-switched nanosecond lasers will remain devices of choice for-tattoo removal.

What are my Options


By using a Quanta Q-Plus laser’s 3 wavelengths, we can significantly lighten a tattoo. After a few sessions, the tattoo will be light enough that we can then begin thinking about how to properly to the initial design.


Several sessions on the Quanta Q-Plus can lighten a tattoo which will allow us to do a complete redesign over the area. This Is the most popular method since It nearly removes the entirety of the tattoo. Our skilled artists can then cover the area Ina new design, minimizing any chances of the old tat showing.


Because the Quanta Q-Plus utilizes three different wavelengths, we are able to completely remove most tattoos. More about how this works can be found below.

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